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About us

Remedy… No matter in what field this term is used – jurisprudence or medicine – the meaning remains the same: remedy is something that helps. The goal and founding philosophy of the company is focused on supporting clients both locally and internationally, on creating a law practice in maritime law to provide the complete range of legal and commercial services.

Mr. Suprunenko and Mr. Puslis established Remedy Law Firm in St Petersburg in 1996 to assist clients in making well-founded profitable decisions.

From our foundation, the values we share are:

  • We work as a single team
  • We find new approaches to issues on a properly analyzed basis
  • We are open and honest in our communication with partners and colleagues

Now that Russian ship-owners and all those involved in every aspect of shipping and transportation of goods have entered the free market, they need more than ever to find excellent legal skills and business strategy competence of a Russian law firm independent of any formal alliances, but with close ties with other leading law firms around the world.

For more than 20 years Remedy Law firm helps in obtaining a highly professional and commercially oriented advice on issues relating to shipping and transportation in the widest range. Our basic activity is to safeguard the interests of Russian ship-owners, shippers and receivers of goods. Much of Remedy’s work involves negotiations with the P&I clubs and cargo underwriters. The firm frequently advises shipyards and the work also includes recovery actions arising from cargo damage. Remedy Law Firm deals mainly with claims handling, represents cases of its clients in common law courts, arbitrations and appeals courts on all aspects of civil, maritime and administrative law, scrutinizes documentation and its enforceability under Russian and international laws and gives legal opinions on different issues. We also offer advice on the interpretation of charter party clauses, bills of lading, insurance policies and other contracts.Remedy offers a full range of legal support for complex problems, including advice on customs legislation. If necessary, we use services of major surveyors, brokers, advisors and experts on various technical and commercial issues. We have broad experience of all kinds of disputes on reimbursement of damages and debts receivable; we act as counsel before state and judiciary institutions, courts, arbitral tribunals as well as arbitrators.Sometimes litigation is inevitable, and in those cases we closely monitor developments to ensure that the matter is resolved in the most satisfactory and cost–effective way. But nevertheless we prefer to find an amicable agreement whenever and wherever it is possible, to the best of our abilities.Co-operation with Remedy gives you the ability to work with a reliable and committed partner.From the very beginning of operating on the market of legal services Remedy has not only survived tough competition, but also received recognition as a firm that strives to ensure reliable and effective high quality service to its clients. We set extremely high continuously polished up standards for our business operations and try to be the best firm to cooperate with.We are noted for our expertise in dealing with the most complex legal issues arising in maritime business today. It enables us to maintain successfully close working links with foreign partners around the world.In 2005 Remedy signed agreements with Swinnertone Moore, one of the leading English law firms specializing in maritime law and highly regarded Italian firm Batini & Associati specializing in shipping and transport law, international corporate financing as well as competition law. The associated offices were opened in London and Genoa.The strategic relationship enables partners to extend geographical coverage and the range of provided services, to make our assistance more effective and convenient. By sharing mutual knowledge and extensive experience of each partner, colleague–firms ensure that their clients will receive comprehensive assistance and support, benefit from robust approach to complex legal issues.Remedy is a firm with an extensive international practice and close working links with leading Russian and international participants in maritime business including shipping companies, brokers, underwriting agents, ship-owners, charteres, surveyors, shippers and receivers of goods and other intermediaries and the market professionals, major independent insurance and reinsurance companies, as well as government and municipal authorities, a broad range of non-governmental organizations and financial institutions.The work of our team ensures all clients’ affairs are thoroughly analyzed and the best possible solutions are reached. We strive to find new approaches to complex problems, to adopt our advice to our clients’ business objectives and needs. We will not give up until a positive result is obtained.We are able to provide a quick and reliable service for any corporate or private customer 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

In 2005 an affiliate of Remedy Law Firm was opened in Moscow to give legal assistance to its Moscow clients as soon as possible.Every year our company organizes seminars under the common title “Defense of ship-owners interests”. The main purpose of such seminars is overview and analysis of the most actual juridical and insurance issues for ship-owners which may be raised in transport business organization process.

The first seminar was held in Murmansk in September 1997, and starting from 1999 such seminars have been held on an annual basis in St Petersburg.

Remedy is a dynamic team of lawyers with diverse abilities and we look forward to developing our business together with you!

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