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Our services

If you are reading this page, it is likely that you are a ship-owner or work in the shipping business. Of course, there are times when you are confronted with complicated problems. And sometimes it is very hard to make the right decision. But you can`t afford to make a single mistake because an unreasoned conclusion may have an unpredictable effect on your business.

That is why Remedy Law Firm is glad to offer you an integrated approach to your business needs: support in all kinds of legal or commercial issues in the sphere of the maritime law as well as its expertise in solving complex issues, including customs regulations. Our goal is to render the services in the ways that are most convenient for our customers. We offer oral and written consultations, expert decisions and recommendations. If necessary we can organize a visit of our professionals to client’s office, complete and carry out an examination of documents and represent our customer’s interests in courts.

Remedy lawyers have successfully developed expertise in a wide range of issues such as:

-Reimbursement of damages;

-Development and implementation of a complex approach to minimize risks of transportation and entering into a transaction;

-Implementation of effective system of dealing with different claims relating to maritime, civil and ecology laws;

-Representation cases in common law courts, arbitrations and general jurisdiction courts;

Thanks to our excellent knowledge of Russian law, profound knowledge of shipping business and practical experience in servicing a broad range of companies and state institutions allow our specialists to defend our clients’ interests and find efficient and non-standard solutions to the most complicated problems regardless of the time and place of their origin.

During over 20 years of our existence a lot of companies have approached us with all kinds of questions and business needs and many of them are now our long-time loyal clients because responsibility for results is the main principle in everything that we do.